Duct vs ductless chimney- Which one is best in 2022?

Duct vs ductless chimney | which chimney is best duct or ductless

Do you need a Kitchen Chimney?

Yes, it helped me a lot while cooking food. Let me explain-

  • It keeps me removing all the smoke and fumes from my kitchen.
  • Removes oil and recycle air.
  • Also, reduce the amount of heat while cooking, especially in Summers.

When I was researching the Kitchen Chimney installation for my home, I learned about different types of Chimney, but the main question I faced was what is the difference between duct and ductless Chimney?

Are you facing the same issue? If yes, then don’t worry. Today in this guide, I will explain to you all about the ductless Chimney vs duct chimney.

duct vs ductless chimney
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What is a Duct Chimney ( Chimney with pipe)?

Duct Chimney includes a pipe that removes all the smoke and hot air from your kitchen, and it does not contain any filter to filter out the smoke in your kitchen.

Generally, Duct Chimney is used for commercial purposes, such as in small-scale factories.

  • It removes all the smoke and hot air outside of your kitchen.
  • Removes all the smell of the cooked food from your kitchen.
  • It also helps to maintain the temperature of the kitchen.
  • Duct chimneys are efficient for heavy working.
  • They have low maintenance.
  • They do not produce noise.
  • Duct chimney requires ducts to install.
  • It needs large chimney hoods.
  • To much expensive due to its complex installation.

What is a Ductless Chimney (chimney without pipe)?

Ductless Chimney includes an exhaust fan and a filter that filters out all the oil and smoke in your kitchen. It improves the quality of the air inside your kitchen.

You can find a filter present at its hood, which filters out all the air and oil. It does not require any pipes or ducts to install, making it easy to install.

Ductless Chimney also provides a premium look to your kitchen, and it does not lower much of your kitchen’s temperature compared to the Chimney with duct.

  • They are easy to install.
  • A kitchen chimney without ducts is affordable as compared to a duct chimney.
  • They produce noise as such kitchen chimney without exhaust pipe contains exhaust fan and filters.
  • Ductless Chimney does not lower the kitchen temperature.
  • They require high maintenance as compared to Chimney with a duct.

Duct vs Ductless Chimney- Side By Side Comparison.

FeaturesDuct ChimneyDuctless Chimney
PerformanceGood for heavy duty.Good for Medium duty.
InstallationDifficult to Install.Easy to Install.
MaintenanceLess maintenance.High Maintenance.
Noise ProductionSilent Operations.Produces Noise.
CostExpensive due to installation.Affordable.
                                        duct vs ductless chimney- side by side comparison.

Size & Versatility.

Duct Chimney or Chimney with duct requires a lot of space, including pipe to remove all the smoke and air. With the Duct Chimney, you are restricted to installing a particular place ( near a duct) and taking much space.

On the other hand, Ductless Chimney or Chimney without pipes are compact in design as it operates with the help of exhaust pipe and filters to remove smoke.

Ductless Chimney allows you to install it wherever you want to install it. It also gives an elegant look to your kitchen.


Duct Chimney requires connecting the Chimney to the duct, but if your home does not have any pre-installed duct, it becomes more challenging and time-consuming.

But if you already have an end-to-end duct connection, it is a piece of cake.

Ductless Chimney needs to be hooked to the wall and plugged in the power socket, making it more convenient to install and cost-efficient.

Here the clear winner is the Ductless Chimney (kitchen chimney without duct) in terms of Installation.

Heat and Noise Production.

Duct Chimney includes the pipe which removes all the hot air, making it heat efficient. It does not contain any motor to operate, so it does not produce much noise.

The Ductless Chimney filters the air and smoke, and the filtered air gets back to the kitchen itself, so it does not lower the kitchen temperature.

The Ductless Chimney does not contain pipe. It operates with the help of filters and exhaust pipe and uses motors to run the Chimney. Because of the motor system, it produces a lot of noise.

Here the clear winner is the Duct chimney in terms of Heat and Noise Production.

Maintenance charges.

With the Duct Chimney, all the oil and dirt are removed from the kitchen to the outside, so it does not need much maintenance.

On the other hand, the Ductless Chimney includes filters and Exhaust fans, which must be cleaned every month, making it tougher to maintain.

In terms of Maintenance, Duct Chimney is the winner.

Verdict-[which chimney is best duct or ductless]

I hope you now understand the difference between the duct and ductless chimneys. If you are looking for a chimney for your home, I suggest you look for a ductless chimney.

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Let me explain why ductless chimneys are better than duct chimneys (chimney with duct) for homes. The simple reason is that they are easy to install and affordable compared to the duct chimney.

If you have any doubts regarding the ductless chimney vs duct chimney, then know me in the comments. 

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