Best Wet grinders in India 2022- Review and Buyer’s Guide

Do you ever make South Indian food?

If yes, then you know that how much it becomes difficult to do grinding the batter. Mainly to get a soft and well-fermented batter can not be obtained from a regular mixer grinder.

If you faced similar issues, then why you tried a Wet mixer Grinder?

A wet mixer grinder is highly efficient for such tasks. It contains a stainless steel drum along with the grinding stones along with a powerful motor. As you switch on the grinder, the grinding stones inside the drum start to rotate with the help of the motor, and you get a fine and soft batter.

You may have the question of why you choose a wet mixer grinder for your home?

  • The wet mixer grinder is highly efficient and saves time.
  • Provide better and soft batter for your dishes.
  • You need to pour the ingredients and start the machine.
  • It is safe and easy to maintain.

Now you know why you choose a wet mixer grinder, and then the question comes what the best wet grinders in India are? And How to choose a wet grinder for your home?

These two questions are essential before you purchase a wet grinder for your home. But firstly, I would like to explain the buyer’s guide on the best wet grinders in India as it will make it easier for you to choose a wet grinder further.

How to choose a Wet Grinder- Buyer’s Guide.

There are three types of wet grinders available in the market: regular wet grinder, Table top wet grinder, and Tilting wet grinders. Some of them may be suitable for you, and some do not.

Regular wet grinders are suitable for commercial purposes, and they are large in size and very heavy in weight. They have large drums and grinding stones along with a powerful motor.

Their installation and maintenance are complex and also takes too much space to use. Therefore, they do not recommend for home purposes.

Next comes the Tabletop wet grinder. They are pretty popular, and you will find them mainly in your homes. Why not? They are small and lightweight and have enough grinding stones and drum capacity.

On the other hand, the Tilt wet grinder comes. From the name itself, you can understand its functioning. The drums of the tilt grinder can be tilted, and the batter can be poured into the utensils.

The only disadvantage of a tilt wet grinder is that the drums can be removed in most cases, making it difficult to clean.

There are some other features that you also looked for before you purchase a wet grinder.

1. Motor.

The more powerful the motor, the better will be the grinding processes. Ideally, most brands offer a 150 watts motor that is sufficient for your home usages. The motor supports the grinding stones that rotate and grind the batter.

2. Type of Grinding stones.

The grinding stones come in different shapes, such as spherical, cylindrical or conical. However, conical stones are the most efficient among them. The motor rotates the grinding stones present inside the drum, and you will get the paste.

3. Removable Drums.

The wet mixer grinder comes with drums made up of stainless steel. Inside them, the stones are present, and all the grinding processes take place. Hence you will get the grind batter inside the drums.

Some wet grinders, such as tilt wet grinders, can be tilted, and the paste can be poured into the utensils, but they can not be removed. On the other hand, the tabletop grinder contains removable drums that can be removed and easy to clean and maintain.

So try to get removable drums as they make it easy to clean the grinder after usage.

4. Drum Capacity.

The capacity of the drum of your wet grinder is the drum batter storing capacity. Ideally, most common brands offer 2 litres capacity, which is enough for a small family of 3 to 4 members.

I think 2 liters drum capacity is enough for your home use.

5. Overheating Protection.

When you deal with devices with powerful motors, the overheating problem is usual. The wet grinder is highly efficient and does not get overheated easily. But you look for overheat protection. It will automatically shut down the motor as it gets overheated.

Note- After usage for 20 to 30 minutes, stop the wet grinder for few minutes to avoid overheating and help to increase the yield and softness of the batter.

Best Wet Grinders in India- Review

1. Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder with Coconut Scrapper

Best Wet grinders in India

Product Dimensions- 47.5 x 31 x 31 cm.

Product Weight- 11 Kilograms.

Warranty- 2 years.

Butterfly smart wet grinder made of ABS plastic, which means it is shockproof and heat resistant, as you will do wet grinding, and every mixer grinder comes with a motor that gets overheated after a particular time.

It becomes more efficient when you check out its ventilator, and it helps regulate body heat, especially for the motor, to avoid overload abnormalities.

The ABS plastic provides high durability, does not break easily and protects the motor inside. It also helps to hold the cylinder intact of the mixer grinder and supports speed rotation.

Along with other stuff, the Butterfly smart wet grinder brings a coconut scraper with a dough kneader. The coconut scraper is safe and secure to use. In addition, the two Cylindrical stones of the mixer grinder are efficient enough to make the batter softer and provide perfect grinding, which is quite remarkable.

Take a look over the Butterfly smart wet grinder. From the name itself, it reveals the looks, and you love the design that will blend in your kitchen.

When you use a mixer grinder, it should be clean and maintain easily, as its cylinder is lightweight and easy to handle and easy to operate. In addition, its ABS body is smooth enough and can be clean within a wipe.


2. Elgi Ultra Grind and Gold Table Top Wet Grinder.

Best Wet grinders in India

Product Dimensions- 55 x 38.6 x 32.8 Centimeters.

Product Weight- 13.94 Kilograms.

Warranty- 5 years product.

Like the butterfly smart grinder, the Elgi tabletop wet grinder also made up of ABS body. Why not? It is highly durable, smooth and its premium design is perfect for your kitchen to give a classy look.

It comes with AISI 304 Stainless steel drums that are rust-resistant and can store the mixture of the ingredients for long intervals of time. In addition, the elgi tabletop wet grinder has a 150-watt powerful motor perfect for your daily needs of grinding, stable enough and does not get overheated easily.

When you consider its patented conical stones, you will love them, as they are highly efficient and produce less heat while grinding. In addition, the wet grinder has a large space capacity of up to 2 litres, which means it is convenient for your daily needs.

Elgi Ultra Grind and Tabletop wet grinder come with a five-year product warranty, but make sure you see the terms and conditions of the product. It mentioned that the “warranty is only applicable in the country of the purchase”.

The conical stones are easy to clean. You can use its batter cleaner attachment that helps to remove the battery from the conical stones. Afterwards, you can store batter in the same drum makes its cleaning easy and quick.

This wet grinder comes with a coconut scraper, which means you do not have to worry about scraping the coconut for your chutneys. Instead, use its coconut scraper attachment. In addition, you can use its Atta kneader for kneading atta to the right consistency and save time.


3. DGMR ENGG Works YJ666 Wet Grinder.

Best Wet grinders in India

Product Dimensions – 50.8 x 29.2 x 30.5 Centimeters

Product weight- 12 Kilograms.

Warranty– 1 year.

DGMR ENGG works wet grinder is 50.8 cm long, 29.2 cm wide, 30.5 cm high in dimensions, and 12 kilograms in product weight. It made of multi-ply plastic, which looks durable to use.

The package comes with a tabletop wet grinder with a capacity of 2 litres and one piece of ground stone of 2 litres. You can also find the coconut scraper and atta kneader with the tabletop wet mixer grinder.

The main highlight of the DGMR ENGG works wet grinder is its robust construction, provides excellent grinding that is easy to clean and works hassle-free, it does not produce any noise, which quite impressive.

The product comes with one year warranty on the motor, but you will not get any warranty card. It mentioned over the box, so make sure you keep the box till the warranty last.


Verdict- [Best Wet grinders in India]

I hope you got your wet grinder for your home. You may be chosen from our list of the best wet grinder in India, or you may pick something else. Whatever you choose, I highly recommend that the product follow all of the points mentioned in our buyer’s guide of Best Wet Grinders in India.

If you ask me about my choice, my personal favourite is the “Elgi table top wet grinder”. The answer is simple, and it follows all of the key points mentioned in our detailed guide of the best wet grinders in India.

It comes with an ABS body that is soft and highly durable. You will like its 150 watts powerful motor along with the conical stones. The drums can be removed it easy to clean and maintain.

You can also use some other attachments such as coconut scrappers and atta kneader, which you can purchase separately. At last, the brand offers five years warranty on the product, which is impressive.

I hope you liked our detailed guide on the best wet grinders in India. If you have any doubts or suggestions, then know me in the comments. Also, share this detailed guide with your friends and family who loves to cook.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Which wet grinder is best in South India?

Butterfly smart wet grinder and Elgi table top wet grinder both are best for south Indian food. You can choose from one of them without any doubt.

How can I buy a wet grinder?

You can buy it from Amazon. Just make sure the wet grinder you choose must follow our buyer’s guide on the best wet grinders in India.

Which brand is wet grinder best?

Butterfly and Elgi are some of the best brands that offer great wet grinders for the home.

Is tilting wet grinder good?

Yes, they are, as they do not take too much space, and with a tilting wet grinder, it is easy to pour the batter from the drums into your bowl. The only drawback of tilting wet grinder is the drums can not be removed.

Which grinder is suitable for idli batter?

You can check out Elgi table top wet grinder for idli batter. The main highlight of this grinder is that it comes with conical stones that are present inside the drum of the wet grinder, best for making idlis.

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