Baffle filter vs Filterless chimney -Which chimney is best in 2022

Baffle filter for chimney | Filterless vs baffle filter

When you search for the kitchen chimney you will find different types of chimney- Filtered chimney and Filterless Chimney.

On the basis of filters they can be classified as-

  • Mesh Filter Chimney.
  • Baffle Filter Chimney, and
  • Charcoal Filter Chimney

There are the chimney filter types among them you will find one on the filtered chimney you are going to choose. For example the Baffle filter chimney.

However what about the filterless chimney?

Don’t worry today I am going to tell you the difference between baffle filter and filterless chimney and compare both of them- Baffle filter vs Filterless chimney.

In the guide, I am going to cover the following topics mentioned below-

  • What is Baffle filter chimney?
  • What is filterless chimney?
  • Filterless chimney pros and cons
  • Baffle filter chimney pros and cons, and so on.

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Baffle filter vs Filterless chimney : Comparison.

FeatureBaffle Filter ChimneyFilterless Chimney
Material used for filtersCurved Panels of Stainless Steel or AluminiumNo filter use
Ease to CleanRequires in every three to four months.No cleaning required.
Noise ProductionMediumLow
Working of chimneyOil sticks to the filter.Oil is collected by oil collectors.
Suitability for Indian KitchenHighlyModerate.
MaintenanceModerateLittle or low maintenance.
Table on the caparison of baffle filter vs filterless chimney

Baffle filter vs Filterless chimney.

What is baffle filter chimney?

The baffle filter chimney is the upgraded and improved version of the mesh filter chimney. These are the curved plates made up of stainless steel and high-grade Aluminium.

The baffle filter chimney’s curved design collects the oil and dust particles and controls the chimney’s airflow. Its curved design prevents clogging of the baffle filter chimney, which generally happens in the Indian Kitchen Chimney.

Baffle filter vs Filterless chimney

How does a Baffle filter chimney work?

The baffle filter Chimney works over the Cut and Splash Mechanism. The baffle filter chimney removes the odors and oil particles from the rising smoke of your gas stove and moves through the curved panels.

As the oils and grease particles remove from the smoke, it does not affect the suction capacity and does not clog the chimney as all the oil and grease stick to the filter.

Maintenance of Baffle Filter.

Baffle filters are detachable and clean easily. These filters require low maintenance as you only have to clean them within three to four months.

If you select an auto-clean chimney with a Baffle filter, then it might be the best choice for you. 

Baffle Filter chimney Pros and Cons


  • Easy to clean.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Detachable baffle filter.
  • Durable and last for years.
  • Best chimney suitable for Indian kitchen.


  • Quite heavy as compared to standard filters.
  • Expensive than conventional filters.

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What is Filterless chimney?

A filterless chimney does not have filters to remove the oil and grease from smoke. They consist of oil collectors who collect oil instead of filters.

Conventional filters generally get clogged with oil and grease, but you do not have to worry about it with the filterless chimney. A filterless chimney does not affect the suction capacity of the chimney, as it comes with the in-built motor, which clears the path of air and smoke.

filterless vs baffle filter chimney]

How does a filterless chimney work?

A filterless chimney consists of oil collectors who collect all the oil and dirt particles of your kitchen while cooking. It consists of a motor that removes all your kitchen’s smoke from the chimney.

Maintenance of Filterless Chimney.

As I told you about the filterless chimney, it does not consist of filters, so it does not need to clean the filters so that the maintenance and the consumable cost is almost nil.

If you have an auto-clean filterless chimney, the task will be like a piece of cake. You need ten to fifteen minutes to clean your kitchen chimney.

It does not produce much noise compared to others, as all the smoke goes out to your kitchen with the help of a motor. A filterless chimney is one of the best choices for a kitchen chimney.

Filterless chimney Pros and Cons.


  • No maintenance cost.
  • Silent operations.
  • Hassle-free cleaning.


  • Expensive.
  • Not recommended for heavy oil cooking.

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Difference between Baffle filter and filterless chimney.

The difference between baffle filter and filterless chimney is of the filter. The baffle filter chimney has a baffle filter, while the filterless chimney does not have any filter.

Another difference is that the Baffle filter chimney has a unique curved design with filters to collect the oil and grease. While on the other hand, a Filterless chimney has oil collectors to collect the oil and grease.

Which chimney is better to filter or filterless?

In terms of the efficiency of collecting oil, baffle filter chimneys are better than a filterless chimneys.

Verdict- [filterless vs baffle filter chimney]

I hope you got all the answers regarding the filterless chimney vs baffle filter chimney. At last, I would say if you want to know which chimney is best for Indian cooking?

Then I say that if you do heavy oil cooking, I recommend you baffle filter chimney instead of a filterless chimney as filterless chimney does not much reliable for heavy oil cooking.

While if you have a budget and want a low maintenance chimney for your home, I recommend the filterless chimney. As it does not require any maintenance.

I hope you liked our in-depth comparison of baffle filter vs filterless chimney. If you have any doubts about it, they know me in the comments.

Also, share this detailed guide with your friends and family who might be interested in it.

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FAQs on: baffle filter for chimney.

Is filterless chimney good?

Yes, the filterless chimney is good if you want a durable and low maintenance chimney for your kitchen.

Is baffle filter better?

Baffle filter is efficient for heavy oil and spices cooking but requires regular maintenance every three to four months.

Which chimney is better to filter or filterless?

In terms of the efficiency of collecting oil, baffle filter chimneys are better than a filterless chimneys.

What is filterless technology in a kitchen chimney?

The filterless chimney does not contain filters operating over the motor. Hence they do not include any filters, so their maintenance and cleaning is almost nothing.

Is a Filterless type of chimney efficient for the Indian style of cooking?

The filterless chimney is not efficient for heavy spices or oil cooking. So if you cook food with rich spices or oils, then a filterless chimney is not for you. But if you are looking for a low-maintenance chimney with decent cooking, you must select the filterless chimney.

Which is the best filterless chimney in India?

Faber 60 cm 1250 m³/hr Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney is the best filterless auto clean chimney. 

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