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Let me start with the question- Is Blowhot an Indian company?

Blow HOT Kitchen Appliances Private Limited is a Non-govt company, incorporated on 02 Mar 1963. The company is located in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

If you always look for Indian products, then Blowhot chimney can be the one for you.

The main question comes for which you are here- Is BlowHot chimney good?

It depends on the product you choose. But if you ask me about the overall service of the Blowhot chimney, then I say the

blowhot India chimney is good.

Before you purchase a blowhot chimney, I suggest you look for a unique feature and as per your budget.

Choose a Blowhot India Chimney

  1. Size of the chimney.
  2. Suction power.
  3. Speed settings.
  4. LED lamps.
  5. Noise production.
  6. Motion sensors.
  7. Baffle filter.
  8. Motion sensors and other features.

If you are worried about selecting the ideal Blowhot India chimney for your kitchen, I made the job easy for you.

I suggest you check out the review of the individual models of the blowhot India Chimney, where you will come to know all about the features mentioned above, and all of them are arranged in the increasing pricing with their pros and cons.

Blowhot chimney review- in-depth guide.

1. Blowhot 60 Cm Ariel Chimney.

Blowhot chimney review

Product Dimensions- 66 x 23 x 54 cm

Product weight- 7 kgs.

Suction power- 800 m3/h Suction.

Warranty- 5 years.

Blowhot ariel chimney is 66 cm in length, 23 cm in width, 54 cm in height, and weighs 7 kilograms. Honestly, if you ask me about its design, I say I liked it most. It is perfectly designed to meet your kitchen needs.

It contains the Baffle filter, which helps remove all the smoke from your kitchen to the chimney outlet.

The Blowhot chimney has two LED lamps that will provide enough light while you cook your food. Chimney comes with easy push control features, which allow you to clean your kitchen over your fingertips via the chimney.

Sometimes when your chimney soaks the oil and smoke, it produces some noise. But in the case of the Blowhot ariel chimney, it just has 59 dB of sound, which is not much.

In the start itself, I told you about its design, because of its perfect design does not take much space while installation at your kitchen you can install it over your wall easily.

  • Great design.
  • Efficient working.
  • Easy push control is impressive.
  • Baffle filter works fine for me.
  • 5-years product warranty.
  • Produce noise more than manufacturer mentioned.


2. Blowhot Spectra Chimney.

Blowhot chimney review

Product Dimensions- 70.8 x 37.8 x 49.8 Centimeters.

Product Weight- 7 kgs.

Suction power- 800m3/h Suction.

Warranty- 5 years.

Blowhot Spectra Chimney is 70.8 cm in length, 37.8 cm in width, 49.8 cm in height, and weighs up to 7 kgs. It comes with three speed-control settings, which allow you to use it for different speeds for your various needs.

Like the other Blowhot chimney, it comes with the Baffle filter to remove all the smoke and oil from your kitchen.

Easy to use touch control is quite handy, and if you talk about the LED lights, you will also get lights to illuminate your pan.

Blowhot Spectra Chimney has the unique feature of Auto Clean Technology, which the Blowhot ariel chimney lacks. It also does not produce much noise and comes with a 5-years product warranty.

  • Elegant design.
  • Three-speed settings.
  • Auto clean technology
  • 800 m3/h suction power.
  • 5-years product warranty


    3. BLOWHOT 60 Cm 1,200 m3/h Heat Auto Clean Chimney.

    Blowhot chimney review

    Product Dimensions- 60 x 12.5 x 53 Cm.

    Product Weight- 15 kgs.

    Suction Power- 1200 m3/h Suction.

    Warranty- 1-year product warranty.

    Blowhot heat auto clean chimney is 60 cm in length, 12.5 cm in width, 53 cm in height, and weighs up to 15 kilograms. The main highlight of the chimney is its suction power. It comes with 1200 m3/h suction power.

    Its large suction capacity provides significant efficiency over the Blowhot Spectra Chimney and Blowhot ariel chimney.

    Like those Blowhot heat auto clean chimneys also come with the Baffle filter to get rid of smoke and oil. The Matte Finish provides an impressive look to the chimney.

    The main highlight of the Blowhot heat auto clean chimney is Motion Sensors, which other Blowhot chimney lacks, you can enable the chimney by just waving the hand below it, and the chimney will start working.

    The other feature I liked with the Blowhot heat auto clean chimney is its Digital display, which makes it cool and easy to operate the chimney.

    • Elegant design.
    • Motion centers.
    • Digital Display.
    • Large suction capacity.
    • Decent noise level.
    • Motion sensors are average.
    • Only 1-year warranty.


    4. BLOWHOT 60cms Ornate Chimney.

    Blowhot chimney review

    Product Dimensions- 60 x 41 x 82.5 Cm.

    Product Weight- 18 kgs.

    Suction Power- 1300 m3/h suction.

    Warranty- 1-year.

    Blowhot ornate chimney is 60 cm in length, 41 cm in width, 82.5 cm in height, and weighs 18 kilograms. It comes with an even large suction capacity than the Blowhot heat auto clean chimney, and it has a 1300 m3/h suction capacity.

    It comes with a Filter-less oil cup to collect all the oils and grease while cooking food. The Blowhot ornate chimney has easy touch control with LED lights which is expected.

    Blowhot ornate chimney does not contain any motion sensors, and you have to open the plates manually to use them.

    The downside of Blowhot ornate chimney, I felt, is its pricing. It is the most expensive among all but even lacks some of the features they have in common.

    • 1300 m3/h suction power.
    • Elegant design.
    • Filter-less oil cup feature.
    • Heat auto clean feature.
    • Touch control.
    • LED lights.
    • Little bit expensive.


    Verdict- [Blowhot chimney review]

    I told you all about the Blowhot chimneys, starting from the feature of Blowhot ariel chimney with their good and bad. The pricing of Blowhot India Chimney starts from 5000 INR and goes up to 16000 INR.

    I suggest you know first about your needs. For example, if you need a proper chimney with a low budget, I recommend you check out the Blowhot ariel chimney with a 5-years product warranty.

    If you want some other advanced features such as the Auto clean feature and Motion centers, you have to increase your budget and check out the Blowhot heat auto clean chimney.

    I hope you have liked our in-depth guide on the Blowhot Chimney review. If you have any doubts or questions regarding the Blowhot Chimney review, know me in the comments.

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