How to Choose a Mixer Grinder in India 2022- Detailed Guide

Do you know how to choose a mixer grinder?

If you ask me honestly, it is very simple as much you think.

Before I tell you how to choose a mixer grinder, I suggest you know the basic things regarding the mixer grinders, and then I will explain to you how to choose a mixer grinder step by step in detail.

Do you know who invented the mixer grinder?

A standing electric mixer was first invented by the American named Rufus Eastman in 1885, which Hobart Manufacturing Company commercially manufactured.

Later on in India, the mixer grinder was invented by S.P Mathur, an Engineer at Siemens, a German multinational company.

What are the types of mixer grinders?

There are two types of mixer grinders widely used worldwide-

  • Stand Mixer, and
  • Traditional Mixer.

Stand mixers are used in the large bakeries and food industries, while the mixer grinder you use at your home is a Traditional mixer grinder.

How to choose a mixer grinder- Mixer Grinder Type.

How to Use a Mixer Grinder?

  • Plugin the mixer grinder.
  • Please select the desired jar and fill the ingredients in it.
  • Place the jar properly over the mixer grinder.
  • Use the knob and choose the desired speed of the mixer grinder.
  • Wait for few minutes, and stop the mixer grinder.
  • Now enjoy your desired dish.
Do not fill the jar to the lid and give rest to the mixer grinder for few minutes after the interval of time for better usage.

You can clean it by using a piece of cloth, while the jars you can wash manually. 

Now let me explain the different features and components of the mixer grinder one by one to understand well how to choose a mixer grinder?

Components of Mixer Grinders.

  • Mixer grinders blade.
  • Motor Wattage.
  • RPM and Speed settings.
  • Number of Jars.
  • Safety and overload protection.
  • Accessories.

Budget and warranty also matter a lot.

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1. Mixer Grinder blade types and uses

In the jars of every mixer grinder and juicer, you can find a different number of blades. The blade only cuts the toughest ingredients, grinds, and mixes results you will get your desired dish.

The blades are used in mixer grinders are impeller blades. These blades are made of steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, or plastic, but in most mixer grinders, you can find stainless-steel blades.

The mixer grinder blades are used for different purposes, and you can name them as per their usage.

  • The wet grinding blade is used for preparing the batter for Dhoklas, Idlis, etc.
  • Dry Grinding blade for Coffee beans, Turmeric, Dry spices, etc.
  • Chutney grinding blade for the wet and dry chutney. Use coconut, pepper, ginger, tomato, and coriander.
  • Mincer blade used for grating coconut, crushing ice, dry fruits, etc.

2. Mixer Grinder Wattage

From the mixer grinder wattage, I mean the power of wattage of the motor. It is said that the higher the power or wattage of the motor, the more powerful will be your mixer grinder.

If you research the internet, most of the brands offer the motor of wattage 500 Watts to 750 Watts or even higher 900 Watts. The higher the wattage you checkout more will be the cost, so I think a 500 watts to 750 watts mixer grinder also works fine to meet the daily needs of your home.

Now the question comes which one is the best 500w vs. 750w mixer grinder?

As I told you higher, the wattage more powerful will be the mixer grinder, so the answer is quite simple 750 Watts motor is more powerful than a 500 watts motor.

But there is a catch, the higher the wattage, the more noise produced will also be, so if you compare the 500w vs. 750w mixer grinder, then I say that the 750 watts motor makes more noise than 500 watts.

Different appliances such as mixer grinder, food processors, cold press juicers, or juicers operates over the different wattage of the motor.

This means if you ask me about the wet grinder wattage, then a wet mixer grinder of 150 watts motor might work well. On the other hand, a juicer mixer grinder of 900 watts works highly efficiently.



3. RPM of mixer grinder and Speed settings.

Similar to the wattage of the motor, the RPM rate or rotations per minute also works. The higher the RPM rate, the more powerful will be your mixer grinder.

Most brands offer a 17500 RPM rate to 20000 RPM rate, which is enough for home usage.

Speed settings mean that you can use your mixer grinder over the different speeds by using its speed setting feature. Its knob.

4. Jars of Mixer Grinders.

Different mixer grinders come with varying numbers of jars. The mixer grinders come with two jars and go up to 5 jars. You will find the three jars mostly, and one is a liquidizing jar, medium jar, and other the chutney jar of different capacities.

The jars are generally made of stainless steel with highly durable couplers and bases. The jars have different capacities for different purposes.

5. Safety and Overload Protection.

When you place the jars over the grinder, but sometimes the jar does not appropriately set, in such case for safety, safety interlock feature comes which does not allow the mixer grinder to start if the jars are not correctly placed.

Some good brands offer this feature, and some do not. You must check out this feature in your mixer grinder.

Suppose you ask me about overload protection in voltage malfunction, jars overload, and motor overload. In that case, the mixer grinder automatically shuts off with the overload protection.

All the mixer grinders come with overload protection, which is essential.

6. Accessories.

Accessories are the additional feature, which you should look for juicer mixer grinders or food processors. Let me explain in detail, with example.

Suppose you consider the Philips HL7707 mixer grinder. In that case, you will get additional accessories such as ChefPro Bowl, Chutney Jar, Multipurpose Jar, Wet Jar, Pulp Extractor, chopping attachment, Fine shredding tool, and Fine slicing, Grating tool, and Kneading tool.

If you look for additional accessories, then the budget of the mixer grinder also increases. So only purchase if you need and have a reasonable budget.

7. Price and Warranty.

The mixer grinder comes from the range of 2000 INR to up to 10000 INR. At last, your budget decides what feature you will get in the mixer grinders.

If you ask me about the warranty, it also differs from 1 year- to 5 years of warranty. But mostly, a mixer grinder comes with the two years product warranty and up to 5 years warranty over the motor.

Verdict- [How to Choose a mixer grinder].

The wattage of the mixer grinder (mixer grinder power consumption), Number of jars, and Safety are the most important things you must consider before choosing a mixer grinder.

The build quality also matters, but if you consider good mixer grinder brands, which will be mentioned below, you will not have to worry about it as they mainly come with the ABS plastic body, which is durable enough lasts for years.

Your need will decide how much you have to spend on a mixer grinder. If you need a primary mixer grinder for daily usage, you can purchase it even under 3000 bucks, while if you need a commercial mixer grinder, then your budget will also be high.

You must check out the best mixer grinders in India mentioned below. Tell me in the comments section if you have any doubts regarding how to choose a mixer grinder?

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