Kuvings B1700 review- is it worth buying in 2022?

When you look for the cold press juicers you will definitely come to know about these two names- Hestia and Kuvings.

Both of them offers great slow juicers such as-

Both of them are the great options for the cold press juicing but today I am here to tell you about the Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Slow Juicer.

In this detailed Kuvings b1700 review, I will explain everything about the Kuvings b1700 juicer with its specifications, pros, and even cons. So you can decide whether it is worth spending your hard-earned money on a cold press juicer.

Before you read our Kuvings b1700 review, I want you to know why you should choose Kuvings.

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Why You Choose Kuvings?

Kuvings has been a well-known brand for over 40 plus years across over 80 different countries. They are famous for their juicers and the cold press slow juicers. In homes, cafes, restaurants, and cold press juice start-ups, you can find their cold press juicers, especially the Kuvings whole slow Juicer ( kuvings b1700).

Some other things might convince you to buy Kuvings cold press juicer ( Kuvings B1700 slow juicer) or Kuvings products.

  • From 2015 to 2020, Kuvings won multiple awards for its quality services and premium products.
  • Sell up to 3 million units every year.
  • More than 1.2 million customers in India alone.
  • +5 Winner of International Design Awards 2019.
  • Significant warranty period over the gear and motor, and even gives free extended warranty for registering the product from the official website.

Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Slow Juicer (Kuvings b1700 review)

  • Product Dimensions- 21 x 45 x 22.9 cm.
  • Product weight- 9.25 Kilograms.
  • Wattage- 240 watts.
best cold press juicer in india,
WARRANTY: “10 Years Warranty on Gear & Motor, 1 Year Warranty on Product” | EXTENDED WARRANTY: Get two years free Extended Warranty by Registering your Kuvings Juicer on the Official Kuvings India Website.

The Kuvings B1700 slow juicer is 21 cm in length, 45 cm in width, and 22.9 cm in height and weighs up to 9.25 kilograms. The Juicer comes with the 240 watts powerful Brushless AC motor with high torque. It is highly efficient and crushes the whole ingredients effortlessly.

It is based on JMCS Technology, which means there is a guarantee of the maximum yield of juice compared to the other juicers.

The best part of The Kuvings B1700 slow juicer is it is time-saving. Considering its wide feeding tube of 76 mm does not require any cutting of the ingredients, which reduces the preparation time of the juice.

kuvings b1700 review

Cleaning is the most crucial part after making any dish or juice. That’s why the Kuvings B1700 slow juicer comes with a cleaning tool specially made for the s to make the clean-up easy and quick.

You may wonder what you can make with the Kuvings B1700 slow juicer.

You may be surprised that it can make many dishes such as Smoothies, Nut milk, and Sorbets from fruits like Mango, Strawberry, Muskmelon, and Banana. You can even use vegetables such as Carrot, Beetroot, Cucumber, Tomato, Bottle guard, Amla, Wheatgrass, Celery, Parsley, Spinach, Kale, etc. Kuvings B1700 slow juicer.

kuvings b1700 review

The Kuvings B1700 slow juicer is equipped with a smart drip-free cap, which will help you prepare blend recipes or use more than two ingredients at a time.

Safety is the most important, and Kuvings understands it.

The Kuvings slow juicer comes with a safety lock system, which ensures that the Juicer only starts after the Drum and lid assembly is safely done.

If you consider its design, it is user-friendly and easy to use. You can even see inside the feeding tube after putting the ingredients inside.

Above, I mentioned making smoothies and sorbets. You can do it with the help of additional attachments offered by kuvings.

Things we like.

  • The cleaning tool makes the cleaning job effortless.
  • The juice extracted is delicious, and the maximum amount is extracted.
  • Easy to assemble & disassemble.
  • The booklet is good enough to start and understand the functionality.
  • Free Recipe book.
  • Wheatgrass & Beetroots are the toughest to extract the juice; honestly, this product is remarkable.
  • Noise-free operations.

Problems we faced.

The main issue I faced, and even many people faced, is its cleaning. I admit that the cleaning tool helps to do the task but cleaning the juicer lid, the strainer, the rotor, and the top cap takes up to 15 to 20 minutes.

Sometimes the pulp of the fruits gets stuck in the filter’s holes, which is a big headache.

The other thing which might face is its strainer and the bowl. The strainer quality looks fine, but it does not last for much time. You may have to purchase a new one after a year.


Hestia VS Kuvings

Let’s take a look over the side wise comparison on- Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer, and
Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Slow Juicer.

FeaturesKuvings b1700 Cold press juicerHestia Appliances Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer
Wattage240 Watts Motor240 Watts Motor
Feeding Tube size76 mm 75 mm
AugerUltem material usedUltem material used
Noise ProductionSilent operationsSilent operations.
RPM rate50 RPM55 RPM
Number of Jars. 2 jars.2 jars.
Warranty12-years warranty1 year warranty on electronic parts.10 years warranty on motor.
PriceCheck Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Verdict- [Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer]

After the Kuvings b1700 review, I can say it is a great product. If you are looking for an excellent cold press slow Juicer, Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer can be a great choice.

I liked the Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer’s Noise-free operations and high juice yield. The only thing which I am concerned about is its filter. You might have to purchase one after the usage of 8 to 12 months, which you can check out on Amazon.

I hope you have liked our in-depth Kuvings b1700 review. If you have any questions or doubts regarding it, they know me in the comment section.

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FAQs on: Kuvings B1700 whole slow Juicer.

Does the b1700 come with a pusher?

Yes, all our machines come with a pusher.

What material is the auger (crusher screw) made of?

The auger is made up of Ultem material for maximum strength.

What is the maximum capacity (ml) of juice extraction?

The capacity of the juice bowl in B1700 is 400 ml.

After the warranty, can I get any broken parts by paying?

Absolutely. All the spare parts are readily available at the service center and on their official website.

Two years extended warranty is for all the parts?

There are two years extended warranty only on the motor.

Where I can get kuvings b1700 juicer Spare parts?

You can checkout the Kuvings B1700 Juicer Spares which are 100% Compatible with Kuvings B1700 Cold Press Juicer on Amazon

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